Nail Add Ons

Gel Nails



Biab Nails –  Full Set

Full set of pretty nails using your own nail.

Introductory offer £25.00

Biab Nails – Infill

Infill for when your nails begin to grow out.

Intorductiory Offer £20.00

Gell Nails – Full Set

Choose from a number of colours.

Introductiory Offer £17.00

Gel – Infill

Infill for when own nails start to grow out.

Introductiory Offer £12.00

Add Ons

Biab Nails – Removal

Removal of Biab nails correctly.

Introductiory Offer £12.00

Gel Nails – Removal 

Correct removal of gel polish.

Introductiory Offer £10.00

Introductory Prices



Gel Manicure


Clip Nails


Gel Manicure


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